Starpunks Coffee

by Mostly Harmless

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released September 27, 2013

Christoph Bornstein - guitar & vocals
David Pratzel - drums
Philipp Hoffmann - bass & vocals
Simon Bornstein - vocals

Produced by Mostly Harmless & Philip Röder
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Philip Röder
Layout & Design by Alina von Gottberg



all rights reserved


Mostly Harmless Munich, Germany

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Track Name: It's Up To You
You don't understand it but you never ask yourself
What it may mean to you and why you have to fear their hell
The words once written down don't need to tell the truth
This is the only life you have to live it is up to you

Just you - it's up to you

You don't understand it but you never think twice
What advantageous and what may be the price
What glitters is not always gold and what's white not always good
This is the only life you have to live it is up to you

Life is not a lesson, life is not a test
Life is deadly serious so you better make the best of it now
Track Name: Nothing To Fear
all your life you've been smacked down, knocked down, hit down, held down
all your life your anger grew
and in your dreams you smashed down, shot down, kicked down, beat down
now you make your dreams come true

a shot, a shout yelling in your ear
but you've got nothing to fear
the cold steel of the rifle in your hand
makes you feel like a man
Track Name: Waughter And Dife
to be a big man, drive big cars and live in mansions
buy a horse for your daughter and your wife
on the weekends fuck sluts with hairextensions
that would not be my life

to be a big man with money in plentiousness
that's curtly enough for your high life
time is money more or less
so most of time you spend in your wife

you live your life the expensive way
I live laid back everyday
you live your life the expensive way
I live my life for free

so choose slut or girlfriend, champagne or beer
big car or bicycle, foreign sea or lake just here
mansion or flat, a golden rolex on your arm
or just a lot of time
Track Name: 666 - Number Of Louise
666 – number of Louise, the infamous whore in town
for her love is war, not peace, when I think of her I have to frown
I look out the window, everything is dark
only the streetlights glow

please remember my warning: beware of this hoe

she's a slut, she's a hoe, everyone should know
she's a cuzzy, she's a bitch, she's a fucking witch
like a cocksucker from outer space she's sucks dry your soul
leaves a black hole – that's alien style

666 – number of Lousie never call her back
try to forget her, all out of her mouth is yack
there are always sluts that wanna rock your balls
don't grieve for her, that would be false

alien style – cocksucking alien
666 – number of Lousie
alien style – cocksucking aliens won't die
Track Name: Conceited Pacifist
can't you see that in Germany we all can be conceited pacifists
can't you see that nowadays we all can be conceited pacifists
sitting on your throne it's easy to say what's right and what's wrong
to tell the suffering that only the peaceful are strong
sitting on your throne it's easy to say what's right and what's wrong
to know it all

but what if you changed for just a few days
and what if you felt their anger and pain
and what if you stood with your back against the wall
would you still be peaceful, fucking know-it-all

in our safe European home we all can be conceited pacifists
can't you see that for us it's easy to be conceited pacifists
sitting on your throne it's easy to say what's black and what's white
to tell the suffering that only the peaceful are right
sitting on your throne it's easy to say what's black and what's white
to know it all

don't tell me that you know what it's like
Track Name: Get Back
get back to where we started
to the days when we were kids
we gotta get back to where we started
finding joy in the little things

they say getting older means getting wiser
I say getting older means getting annoyed
we're searching for the bad things
instead of finding joy

when we were kids we didn't use to damn the noise
when we were kids we used to shout

they say getting older means getting smarter
I say getting older means getting dumb
as grown-up you're watching TV
you're imaginative when you're young

when we were kids we didn't use to watch the games
when we were kids we used to play
Track Name: P.O.P.S.
ready for attack of total stupidness
to hear our songs 'bout "getting frowns"
and stinkbugs and "eight stretch"
a new bass-player every year
we lost stefan, p and bier-
moser, dr.nick, but promilipp ist "still hear"
our song titles are long and the very first song
we ever wrote but never played was "not the only one"
simon smashed a stage, our beat's laid down by dave
and all those years popovic never had to shave

hooked on off-beat, punkrock bound
disdained kings without a crown
unpopular since 2004
we're the punkers of pure sound

hey ho let's go, don't play it too slow
platz destroyed his guitar before our very first show
starpunks coffee and one police operation
at the same club where christoph almost was banned from
first drummer basti quit after our third gig
randalina's taking photos and doing our graphics
saftladen, gigsforyou, then matze joined the crew
"des san krokus, du oaschloch" and the answer's 42
Track Name: Caruje Drugarstvo
Track Name: Don't Feed The Greedy
what is right, what is wrong, where do you and I belong
a yacht paid out of petty cash, or a home built out of trash
what is wrong, what is right, who the fuck is on your side
beg for food or squander cash, Saint Tropez or Bangladesh

what's the matter with the world today
why do all the poor man have to pay
for untold greed and luxury of high society

while you fill your stomach with caviar and champagne
Africans are starving, getting insane
you, just for fun, drive your Bentley
Chinese ride by bicycle slow and gently
with an i-phone made by Asian hands
you're important, checking market trends
and without food, without your phone
you should take your Bentley home

push your gas-guzzler home
push your fucking Bentley home
Track Name: Your Fake Tears
down in Kinshasa you can hear the songs
of Staff Benda Bilili playing very strong
handicapped and sheges living on the streets
Moto Moindo – can't you feel the beat

the Refugee All Stars from Sierra Leone
are singing in the camps so far from home
listen to Reuben singing Soda Soap
and to Makengoh's Living Stone

I can't stand your fake tears
that you cry to support your carreer
you haven't seen what Reuben or Ricky saw
but they still Rise And Shine Très Très Fort

how can you pretend to cry
if they still smile

your fake tears are making me sick
the sky is grey the leafs are brown
the leafs are falling to the ground
this is unbearable sad
today everything feels bad
dark clouds conceal the sun
the weather makes me wanna die
tears are running down my face
suicide's the only way
your fake tears are making me sick
yes, they're making me sick
Track Name: One Of The Best
one of the best times in my life I spend in the parks
and streets of Banja Luka and I really lost my heart
to this city and its people and to Keker the best bar
for another round of Nektar and some shots of Rakia

hvala na svemu Banja Luko i vidimo se
uskoro - till then I won't forget the way
from Boska down to Vrbas and from Keker to Kastel
so raise your glasses, zivio, and sing this song with me
Track Name: Still Hear
once upon a time with three mini-amps
just one microphone without a stand
that's how we started it back in 2004
with so many dreams but no idea at all

but somehow we survived
and somehow we're still alive

look at us now we're growing old
and still the streets are not paved with gold
still strings detune and still strings brake
still we are true, no sellouts, no fakes

from The Last Row you can Still Hear
us like a Brainspiller
Wraith The Head, it makes no sense
but we're still here, we're still here

we found our way and we found our sound
we had some ups and we had some downs
but in the end what really counts
are all those friends that we have found

and that's the reason why we survived
and the reason why we're still alive

we're growing old but we're still childish
this outro's stupid but we like it
Track Name: Music
we've got music in our veins
we've got music in our hearts
we've got music in our souls
we've got music for our lifes
there is music in the air
without music we are lost
because music is the medicine
for all the fucked up minds

so I strum on my bass without a trace
of talent in my fingers but I have a lot of fun

check this out, it's getting loud
my advise: twist and shout

I am not the next pop-star
playing my guitar is my mental healing

so I sing out of key, obviously it's not for fame
it's for friendship and for fun
so go and call me old, no I'm not bald
my flatcap is my fashion so go and fuck yourself
Track Name: One (Minor) Third
I know that life's not fair and it's not easy at all
so you don't need to tell me
a lifelong rat race, only the strongest survive
but it's no use complaining

it's not the end, I'll get on my feet again
and I don't really care, I'll have a laugh anyway

I know you can fall down and the asphalt may be hard
but that's no reason to worry
you can graze yourself or even break all your bones
but there's no use staying lying

it's not the end, we will sing the chorus again

this is the end, one third higher than the rest