Central Intelligence Airlines

by Mostly Harmless

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released April 30, 2010

Christoph Bornstein - guitar & vocals
David Pratzel - drums
Philipp Hoffmann - bass & vocals
Simon Bornstein - vocals

Recorded by Franz Kindermann in three sessions @ Rock-The-Cow-Studios Ascholding, Isardamm Rehearsal Room Geretsried & Koenich Sound Hohenschäftlarn, except 5, 8, 11 & 14 recorded by Florian Rein & Marcus Wimmer @ Bergbeat Bad Tölz
Mixed & Mastered by Franz Kindermann @ Koenich Sound Hohenschäftlarn
Produced by Mostly Harmless & Franz Kindermann
Layout, Design & Photos by Alina von Gottberg
Frontcover-Photo by Laura Redeker


all rights reserved


Track Name: Central Intelligence Airlines
the pilot welcomes you have a nice flight
thank you for choosing C.I.Airlines
transport service for free no matter where you are
Man spricht deutsch at the hotel bar

do you need a holiday?
do you just wanna get away?
do you need a simple break?
you can trust the CIA

story telling and diving animation for free
through your window view over the sea
and every weekend the new attraction
high voltage caused genital erection

bikini girls cocktails and sex is all you need
here at CIA we're totally discreed
group sex masturbation and pornography
if you like bondage aks our hostess named Lyndi
Track Name: Uniformed Rebellion
hey you! do you know? you're all looking the same
she is indie-barbie and he is emo-ken
your style must be correct if you wanna belong to them

and of course you've got your lip pierced
and there's make-up round your eyes
and of course your hair is dyed black
fake rebel all your life

hey you! do you know? you're all looking the same
and so do your profiles and pictures on myspace
you got a che guevara shirt with bob marley's brother's face

and of course you're hating hip-hop
and you gotta get tight tonight
and of course you don't know joe strummer
fake rebel all your life

uniformed rebellion - conformist in disguise
uniformed rebellion - fake rebel all your life

hey you! do you know? you're all looking the same
what you wear is what you are don't you feel ashamed?
you wanna be a rebel but you dress yourself up in vain

and of course you're really hardcore like bullet for my valentine
and of course you don't know black flag
fake rebel all your life
Track Name: Everything I Wanna Be
yeah I see that you are cool
we all suck and you rule
I know nothing but you do
you're the big man I'm the fool
I'm stuck in the middle between down and out
your way leads up without doubt
you know what life is about
and you know I will find out that you are

superior - you're better, you're bigger, you're smarter, you're stronger
you're superior - you're everything I wanna be

but there are quite a few times that I can clearly see
that you're not as cool as you seem to be
there are quite a few times that I realize
that you are just like

all those churches with their prophets
all those managers seeking profit
all those pimps and all those sluts
all those perfect people with stylish hair-cuts

there are quite a few times that I realize
that even a few times can be a whole life
there are quite a few times that I can clearly see
that you're not as wise as you seem to be

you're a stupid fucking know-all
like all those hitchhikers without a towel
all those nazis spitting at Nick
all those policemen disrupting our gigs
Track Name: Positive Energy
it's the best day in your life
because you won the casting show
you'll get a major label deal
that's the one thing you know
a new star on pop heaven
on top of the charts
fans fame and money
you're breaking all girls hearts

hey pop-idol
you're a puppet on a string
you're an anti-artist
you're a slave of marketing
hey pop-idol
they're writing all your songs
they're fixing your image
to keep their share price strong

fame left with the fans
after few months passed
the money's for the label
you thought both would last
no-one's caring 'bout you
and you really don't know why
they have a new idol now
and you see it's all a lie
Track Name: The World Dies Tonight
one of many in this small ship
approaching the end of this death trip
the lack of water did nearly drive him mad
now the canaries are lying straight ahead
he fled from war and poverty
we send him back into his misery

what we can't see can't be true so we close our eyes
I hope that you're sleeping well cause the world dies tonight

she came a long way only six years old
over from thailand where she was sold
they told her mother she would only sell sweets
now she sells her body on the indian streets
in her eyes is a silent yell
this foreign country is a living hell

the sun is rising over the wasted land
a big machine-gun in his small hands
fighting in a war that he never understood
for african warlords who stole his childhood
his heart is dead his body lives on
though it may end the war can not be won
Track Name: This Is My Life
don't need noone to say what's real cause I've got my own eyes to see
got my own fashion my own style I hate your models and their smiles
don't need no highly esteemed job cause this is not what I dream of
and I've got my own attitude I don't need yours

this is who I am you won't make me change
I don't really give a fuck about the reputation I gain

don't care what's in don't care what's out we like our music fast and loud
so this is our way to sing we'll never be the next big thing
and we just play our highspeed chords instead of pop-songs that just bore
we play as fast as we can until knock-out
Track Name: Weißer Riese
Nationaler Widerstand auf 1,07 m
Wer hat Angst vorm Weißen Riesen?
Aufrechter Deutscher, Lilliput
schnell wie ein Windhund, hart wie Krupp-
stahl und zäh wie Leder
Babyspringerstiefel hat nicht jeder
Er verlässt sein volles Weißbierglas
als echter Deutscher tut man das
Track Name: Long Titles Make People Think We're Clever (And So Do Subtitles)
We pick the same notes that everyone picks
We sing the same words that already have been sung
We use the same chords as in our last song
We lost all inspiration
But you won't even notice
Cause our titles are too long
No you won't even notice
Cause we even use subtiltes

There's no bridge, there's no verse
Repeat the chorus but without words
Track Name: Peace Is Bad (For Business)
buying and selling guns for each and every occasion
no matter if the trading partner is a terrorist or western nation
weapons are big business and they're really paying off
one trillion dollars - what else can we spend it for?

peace is bad - bad for business
trading death keeps us alive
use your head - why build wells if we can buy guns instead

it seems to be a great talent of our civilisation
to solve our problems in a fight and not in a conversation
so it shouldn't be surprising that we spend our money on guns
one trillion dollars - what else can we spend it for?

we need eighteen days to spend the same amount on guns
that we spend in one year in the fight against aids
we could end poverty by now
we could end famines by now
we can end poverty by now
we can end famines by now
weapons are big business an they're really paying off
one trillion dollars - what else can we spend it for?
Track Name: Hypocrisy
you're always telling me you're listening to what I say
but my message you don't understand
you're always telling me our opinions are the same
but you never understand what I want to say
you're always telling me that you don't like my enemies
but as soon as I'm not there they are your best friends

mr. hypocrisy this song is for you
though you may not listen I'm singing it for you
mr. hypocrisy this is your song
it contains a message that you can't get wrong
mr. hypocrisy this is what I say
mr. hypocrisy get out of my way

you're always telling me that you share my point of view
but your point is changing every day
you're always telling me my actions are ok to you
but you try to conceal them when I'm gone
you're always telling me that I can always count on you
but I know how you really are
Track Name: Censored Song
the only dream in your whole life was being a rockstar
just travelling around the world and playing your guitar
but now you're just a member of a fucking cover rock band
and in the crowd ist just your wife, your kids and boring friends

you like to censor this song
but you can't you moron
and now you're fucking sad
some things you can't tolerate

you're giving all your energy for the career of your kids
you're gonna be their manager writing their big hits
but daddy we must disappoint you so better lock your sons
cause Mostly Harmless gonna win all local band contest

you can't believe it - you lost again
Track Name: Last Goodbye
driving home from their annual holiday
their two kids on the backseats both sleeping well
they had so much fun at the beach on the sand
never thought about their life could ever end
don't drink and drive doesn't mean a thing
if you own a big car and feel like a king
ninety miles per hour full speed ahead
not able to realize the car from the left

on the day when you will die will you feel that thngs could change
will there be any sign that announces you the end
when you see your loved ones will you know it's the last time
will everything be said an done when you wave your last goodbye

a screech of breaks but it's too late
it's a pure chance an accident of fate
after some weeks everyone will forget
with the blood on the street disappear all regrets
so suddenly everything is done
who will shed a tear when yo're gone
nothing is eternal but who cares
finally realize that life is not fair
Track Name: Don't Panic!
there's no god and white is black
the story 'bout Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect
even Fat Mike reads this thing
Marvin never stops nagging
Zaphod with three arms and two heads
our hero is called Hotblack
this story can even make you wise
just follow Douglas Adams' advice

Don' Panic!

Wowbagger insulting everyone even you
the answer to everything is 42
nine multiplied with six
dreams of Eccentrica Gallumbits
wanna see the galaxy's last days?
Max is waiting for you in Milliways
in the Heart Of Gold through the galaxy they ride
just follow those friendly words on the guide

always remember:
a towel is the most important thing in space
and even mattresses are living-beings
Track Name: Fool On The Hill
we've been told since our first day at school:
"follow the norm an don't break the rules
believe every word that your teachers say
cause this is the only was to get good grades"
the schoolbell's our lives' fucking soundtrack
no one will admit but it's freedom we lack
our life is way to short to act like a child
so our youth is an everyday fight

hey better life your life a fucking different way
stay a non-conformist until your last day

now they're starting to reduce staff costs
by giving some third world workers our jobs
and we're already to blind to see
this world gives a fuck about you and me
so take a close look what we have become
hamsters in a wheel always on the run
realize we all live like fucking robots
modern times slaves all going to pot

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